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How it works...

Crowley and Sons “Virtual Visit” takes our long running mail in program to the 21st century. It is simple and easy to use. We always like to see our clients in person but we understand some you live far away which makes the trip difficult. For clients that want to utilize part of the “Virtual Visit” so it saves you one of the trips you can still come in and see us either for the “drop off” (giving us your paperwork) or the “pick-up” (picking up your returns and signing you taxes) phase.

  1. Mail, email, fax, scan, text, or even set up a video chat and send all of your W-2s, 1099s, interest statements, dividends statements, retirement income statements, mortgage statements, real estate taxes, tuitions statements, stock trades, and any other tax related paperwork to:

    Our Brooklyn Office (if by mail, UPS or Fed Ex):

    Crowley & Sons
    3017 Quentin Road
    Brooklyn N.Y. 11234

    You can also email us at or

  2. List all your Dependents date of births (make sure to include yours and your spouses)
  3. Enclose a copy of last year’s Tax Return
  4. Enclose your bank’s routing # and account # for direct deposit.
  5. Upon receipt of your package we will contact you within 24 hours to go over the information and go through the tax return to ensure the return is being prepared correctly and to discuss all of your deductions and credits. We will also give you the amount the tax return will cost.
  6. You can forward a check to the appropriate office.
  7. Once complete we will contact you again with your final numbers, we then can have you “E-sign” the tax return or we can send you the forms that need to be signed so we can transmit your tax to the IRS. Then will make arrangements to get you copies of the tax return, this can be done by Email, jump drive, mail, or you can even pick it up at the office if you like.