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Our History

70 years of Crowley & Sons

Crowley & Sons Income Tax is a family business that was started by my grandfather Simon J. Crowley in the 1930's just after the Federal Government began a requirement to file taxes.

My father James P. Crowley continued the family business until his passing in 2000. My brother James, John Martin and myself began assisting my father in the late 1970's with preparing taxes.

At that time my father was an active NYC Police Officer and needed all the help he could get in preparing the taxes by hand (no computers back then). My father, along with his “Team” of James, John, and myself, continued the business over the years, changing with time to keep up with technology and the growing number of clients.

The increased number of clients led us to open the Staten Island office in the early 1980's which was staffed by James, John, and myself.

As time went on I married Cathy Puma who joined the firm in 1993 to help keep up with the growing business and to assist me in my new responsibilities of running the day to day operations of the firm.

By the late 1990's my father began to turn the reins of the firm over to the next generation as he prepared to cut back his workload. During the 1990's we saw the addition of Barbara (Puma) Centineo and Dennis Bennett who have been with us ever since.

Today, I, along with my team, have brought our tax business to the next level in technology and services. Offering a full line of tax services with Sara Blackburn C.P.A. on staff we can handle all of your tax needs.